Getting Started

Real estate brokerage and sales is regulated by the individual states, not the Federal government. In Washington State, with few exceptions, a person must be licensed with a broker to legally represent others in a real estate transaction.

The State of Washington requires individuals wanting to be licensed to be at least 18 years of age and to have taken 60 clock hours of instruction in real estate fundamentals.


  • Once you pass these requirements, you can register and take the State Exam which, as of 4/25/2005 costs $138.25.
  • When you have been hired as an agent with a real estate company you will be licensed to practice. As of 4/25/2005 the cost of your first license is $146.25.


    Note that the required experience and clock hours must be completed within five years prior to your application for the examination.

    Your first license is to be renewed in two years based upon your birth date. This means that your first year in from your date of licensing to your next birthday; and your second year is the next twelve months to your next birthday. So, if you are licensed on the 10th of the month and your birthday is on the 15th; those five days constitute your first year.

    Washington Real Estate Fundamentals

    To sell real estate in Washington, you must initially complete a 60 hour training course called Washington Real Estate Fundamentals. Our self-paced Fundamentals program is an easy to-use system that will help you greatly. For detailed information on preparing for Washington Real Estate Fundamentals, Click Here.

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